The Spinistry and The Epic in Missouri announce partnership for a gravel racing series

Fort Worth, Texas/Kansas City, Missouri – Dec. 20, 2017

With excitement building for the kickoff of the introdcution in 2018 Insurance for Texans/Panaracer Tires Gravel King and Gravel Queen racing series, The Spinistry and The Epic in Missouri announced today that finishing results for the 2018 Epic in Missouri can be included in the series points totals by racers who participate in this event. Series points are tabulated from the best five finishes for each racer from an eligible pool of races and events. The Epic in Missouri is the first “Non Spinistry” event to be included for series points eligibility.

With the growth of bicycle gravel and adventure events still exploding, the timing is ideal to begin cultivating a nationally recognized circuit of events which showcase why the popularity of the sport continues to grow at these unprecedented rates. The goal is for gravel racers from all regions of the United States to be able to accurately measure their performance and results with all other racers even if they don’t directly compete side by side for each and every race.

Gravel King/Gravel Queen Series Points Quick Outline

Series points are awarded in a unique format that takes into account finishing position, size of field, as well as the overall distance of the event. This format is built to favor those who put in the long grind consistently and through all conditions. Points are potentially calculated two different ways per event, Overall and Category specific. The series will always use whichever calculation is most advantageous to an individual racer for any single event.

Series points are tabulated from a racer’s best four finishing results from Spinistry events plus a fifth “Wild Card” result. For 2018 the Epic in Missouri will be the first non Spinistry event to be announced as a Wild Card eligible points race. Current plans are to include the Epic as a full fledged series points race starting in 2019. Series organizers will be reviewing inquiries about additional events throughout the United States to determine eligibility of other potential Wild Card events in 2018 as well as being part of the national series in 2019.