Course Information

Gravel is different everywhere. At Lake of the Ozarks the gravel roads are rideable rain or shine. Throughout the days adventure, you can expect chunky new gravel, fresh graded roads, fast hardpack, creek crossings, big glorious views, tight switchback roads, big hills, and miles upon miles of rollers. The Epic is sure to test your limits, but is also possible to be finished by all riders.

You will need your own sag support or you can utilize our free drop bag service.


The routes will be marked with a small post with Hammer Nutrition tape tied to it. We will mark the course accurately but we can not guarantee that the markings will not be tampered with. Markings are not intended for you to rely on for navigation, they are solely there for reassurance. If possible please use your gps device and bring an extra battery.

Epic 150

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Strava Link:

Epic 80

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We will not provide cue sheets. If you want or need cue sheets you will have to print them out yourself.


Checkpoints will be mandatory to stop at and check-in!

Please give checkpoint addresses to your support crew.

Checkpoint 1

For 80 and 150 is at a conveniance store at mile 27.2

TLC One Stop
7 Honey Springs Loop, Iberia, MO 65486

Checkpoint 2

For 80 and 150 will be at a convenience store at mile 59.5 This is also your 1st. drop bag location. at this point 80 mile riders will turn back and continue on their route towards the finish.

Fry’s Quick Stop
6599 MO-7, Montreal, MO 65591

Checkpoint 3

For 150 is at Tunnel Dam Gardens at mile 84.4

Mother Nature’s Riverfront Retreat
878 Gardens Rd, Macks Creek, MO 65786

Checkpoint 4

For 150 is back in Montreal at mile 120.4 This is your 2nd. drop bag location.

Fry’s Quick Stop
6599 MO-7, Montreal, MO 65591

Be sure to give these addresses to your sag support.